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Viatom Technology, a company out of Shenzhen, China with 20 years of patient monitor R&D experience, received the CE Mark and has released internationally its Checkme™ health monitor. The business-card-size device provides one lead ECG and blood oxygenation (SpO2). Moreover, it supposedly measures blood pressure without using a cuff, a feat that's been tried by many but never successfully.

A daily check of the above measurements takes approximately 20 seconds. The device is controlled via its touchscreen that displays all the charts and numbers. The voice guide instruct clearly. The device comes with a powerful PC software that can be used to pass on the health data to one's doctor for reviewing and printing.

With clinically approved accuracy, Checkme™ Series makes healthcare simple,independent,time-saving and less costy. Bringing in remote and self-manamgent for your own and family wellness.

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