Pulsebit Mate

ECG/EKG Tracker

Professional Heart Health Tracker In Pocket

Support ECG + pulse detection.

Detect heart health during your exercise, fitness or daily work and report the irregular heart beats. Help to adjust the activity/exercise or improve your lifestyle.

Unlimited  Report Storage on PC

Free reading software allows you to download/review/print, save as PDF/JPG, and share the reports with your doctor easily.

Free pc software with no extra fee or subscription.

Report for Lead Ⅰand Lead Ⅱ.

Compatibility of the computer system: Windows 7 / 8 / 10.

Intuitive Dual-user Mode

Share with your family.

The Dual-User design with higher discrimination is suitable for different age groups. Easy to understand operation, no longer bother and effort.

Reliable to The End

Select adjustable30-second or 60-second EKG detection, you will get highly accurate result. If you feel uneasy about your heart, Pulsebit Mate will be your most portable and reliable partner.

Innovative design that allows it to be placed on the chest and available to check heart health in LeadⅠ& LeadⅡ.

Measure without Cable

Reliable amd Accurate Detection


Premature Ventricular Contraction (PVC)

Atrial Fibricular (AF)

Heart Pause

Tachycadia & Bradycardia

Take it when you seek for the peace of your mind or feel uncomfortable. All of these symptoms can be shown as'Irregular heart beat'

Reliable & Portable 
It is easy to use, cheaper than a fancy watch. I am older, however I still like to be active and enjoy activities. Earlier in the month I took my grandchildren snow skiing.I wanted to have something with me up on the mountain that would confirm if I was in trouble. I have a family history of heart disease and I am overweight. It is nice to have something that I can easily check myself without waiting for an annual physical or running to the doctor. Good support from the company. Apps and software work great.
——From Amazon