What is the major factor affecting sleep quality?

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

In your eyes, what is the major behavior that affects sleep?

It's not staying up late after chasing a game, it's not eating too much before going to bed,it's snoring.

According to the world health organization, 27 percent of people around the world suffer from sleep problem, that is, at least one in every four people.For snorers, "snoring like thunder" does not mean sleeping soundly. Research shows that snoring at night and sleepiness during the day can greatly increase the risk of three highs, heart disease and brain damage.Snoring is a common sleep phenomenon, which most guys think it is nothing weird. In fact, snoring is an important factor affecting sleep health.

Sleep apnea means repeatedly suspended snoring, resulting in severe hypoxia of brain and blood, which could induce hypertension, cerebral heart disease, arrhythmia, myocardial infarction and angina pectoris. It should be noted that sudden death occurs when the duration of apnea exceeds 120 seconds.

The danger of snoring

1)Face aging for female

Long-term snoring causes obstruction of air and blood flow, resulting in facial skin relaxation, bad breath, irregular menstruation, easy aging and other symptoms. Looking older than the woman really is.

2)Mental weakness for female

A woman who snores could make people close to her disgust and affect her wife-husband life.Female with heavy mental stress, excessive night snoring stress may lead to mental weakness during daytime work.

3)Unhealthy lifestyle for male

Unhealthy habits such as alcoholism and smoking can also cause sleep apnea.Snoring causes blood hypoxia in the body, which affects multiple organs throughout the body. Insufficient blood oxygen in male sexual organ can lead to "hypoxia" of this organ, thus affecting the normal life of couples.

4)Attention Children Snoring

Most snoring children have hypertrophic tonsils and malformed craniofacial structures. Owing to airway obstruction, hypoxia occurs after apnea. Snoring affects children's normal development and learning performance. If your kid snores at night and does not concentrate in class, sleepiness and memory decline. Firstly, you should go to otorhinolaryngology department to check the nasopharynx and tonsils. If the tonsils are obviously hypertrophic, then should carry out corresponding treatment.

5)Reduction of life span for the elderly

The metabolism of the elderly is relatively slow, the heart and brain are prone to hypoxia than the youngsters. Snoring can exacerbate cardio-cerebral hypoxia, increase the incidence of hypertension, coronary heart disease, stroke, arrhythmia, cardiopulmonary insufficiency, heart disease, cerebral thrombosis, vascular dementia and other diseases. If old people already suffered from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, apnea is like "falling stone", which would make the condition "worse".

What can be done to reduce snoring?

1)Light diet

The final purpose of a light diet is to control weight. If you are overweight or feel inflammation in the throat, it is recommended not to eat spicy food before going to bed; snorers should not drink milk because dairy products may cause excessive laryngeal mucus, respiratory obstruction and sleep apnea.

2)Sleeping in lateral position

Right side is the healthy sleeping position most people choose, mainly because it does not oppress the heart. For obese patients, hypertrophic tongue root and nasal polyps lead to snoring more easily in supine position, and lateral sleeping position is more conducive to snoring control.

3)Quit smoking and drinking

After drunkenness, the nerves are paralyzed and insensitive to abnormal physical conditions. At this time, the risk factor of apnea is higher and the probability of sudden death is increased. Moreover, smoking can exacerbate respiratory inflammation and increase the risk of asphyxia.

4)Nose care

Some nasal diseases may increase the risk of sleep apnea, the most common condition is when the nose blocked by heavy cold. If you have tonsillar hypertrophy and upper airway problems, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible.