Five sleep states prove you are in good health

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

One third of human beings’ life are spent in sleep. Sleep quality firstly affects daily study and work efficiency, and affects people's health in the long run.

Most people think that adults sleep 6 to 8 hours a day means sufficient rest, easily thinking enough sleep time would ensure human health,but many people ignore the quality of sleep is the most important. It should be recognized that if you sleep poorly, getting enough sleep time can also affect your health. As time goes on,physical problems such as decreased immunity and poor memory will appear.

Ready for bed,satisfying these five characteristics prove that you are in good health:

First point, fall asleep in 15 minutes

Fast asleep basically proves that the quality of your sleep is good and the function of your body is healthy. If it takes a long time to fall asleep before going to bed, there are many thoughts and even insomnia symptoms, which may be due to mental and physical pain of varying degree such as excessive stress, physical discomfort.

Second point, sleep until the next morning

Generally speaking, young people seldom get up over once at night.However,as people get older, the quality of sleep gets worse.Kidney may deteriorate with time goes by, humans wake up more often at night than ever before. If someone often gets up at night, it is recommended to eat less liquid food and exercise properly before going to bed.

Third point, breathe evenly while sleeping

Some people cannot breathe well when they sleep at night,almost 30 million adults in the U.S. have sleep apnea.Even breathing reduces brain hypoxia and makes brain tonic fully rested.The more evenly breathed during sleep, the better the quality of sleep.

Forth point,no snoring

Long-term snoring is not a trivial matter. Occasionally snoring is common,however, frequent snoring is considered as sleep apnea.Sleep apnea shortens the deep sleep time and also affect body health. Snoring may be caused by compression of the respiratory obstruction, overwork, or inappropriate sleeping posture. Snorers should treat sleep apnea positively, and severe cases must be treated by doctor. It is suggested that snorers should solve this problem through healthy diet, physical exercise and surgery.

Fifth point, no dream overnight

People dream when they sleep. Interestingly, if you wake up the next day and remember your dreams clearly, it has proved that your sleep quality is not good. Because only shallow sleep can remember clearly. If it's deep sleep, you can't remember your dreams the next day.