Does lower heart rate mean longer life?

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

Medical experts point out that people have slower heart rate within normal range can live longer. How to judge your heart rate within a reasonable value? Here comes the concept of resting heart rate.

What is the low heart rate means?

Medical scientists have observed the resting heart rate of 5360 healthy adults. Studies have shown that the resting heart rate of adults is 70 beats per minute, and their life span can reach 80 years (it should be noted that the interference of various diseases should be excluded). The total number of heartbeats in a person's life is about 2.5 billion to 3 billion,if the resting heart rate is about 60 times, his life span can reach 93 years. A large number of clinical studies have also confirmed that people with fast resting heart rate have a significantly increased risk of cardiovascular diseases and a high mortality rate.

Simply put, if people can keep their heart rate at 60 beats per minute as often as possible, they will live longer without the interference of other diseases.

Some arguments

1)Mammals: The slower the heart rate, the longer the life span

Scientists already have found that small mammals, such as rats and rabbits, have a faster heart rate which reaching hundreds of times per minute, and a shorter life span of only one to three years. On the contrary, large mammals, such as whales, have a slower heart rate of about 20 beats per minute, but can live for 30 to 40 years. It has been found that a tortoise named Grapagos has a life span of 177 years, its heart beats only six times one minute and a total of 560 million beats in its lifetime.

2)Elderly male:Heart rate is effective indicator of life expectancy

Some people specially studied the relationship between heart rate and life expectancy in the elderly. The participants were healthy and without cardiovascular risk factors. They were 65 to 70 years old, including 1407 males and 1134 females. The results showed that in males, a heart rate of 60 beats per second which is healthier than 80 beats per second, not only look better, for the 80-beat-person the ratio of living to 85 years old dropped by nearly half. Heart rate was an effective index for predicting longevity in males, but there was no significant difference among older females.

3)Athletes: Heart rate is actually lower than normal,life lifetime is longer.

After a period of training, people's cardiopulmonary function increases and their resting heart rate decreases, even below 60 beats per minute. This phenomenon is called "Athlete's Heart". It is not only normal, but also a strong expression of myocardial function.

Olympic gold medalists live loner. In a paper published in the British Medical Journal in 2012, shows that Olympic medalists live an average of 2.8 years longer than the public.The data was counted from the longevity of 15174 Olympic medalists from 1896 to 2010.

How to maintain resting heart rate about 60 times per minute?

1)Exercise regularly

Participating in various exercises withilelderlyn suitable intensity will slow down the resting heart rate. Although the heart rate increases during exercise, exercise strengthens the heart function and slows the resting heart rate. Resting heart rate can be 50-65 beats (the number of heartbeats in sleep can be 38-50 beats)per minute is a sign of healthy heart, and also a sign of longevity.

2)Keep healthy weight

Obesity can increase the burden of the heart, and obese patients' mood changes or exercise can accelerate the heart rate. Therefore, obese people should keep fit through reasonable fitness exercises and adjust their diet.

3)No smoking and drinking

Smoking and drinking can both accelerate resting heart rate, so try to quit smoking and drinking as much as possible.

Heart rate is a very important physical index. People need to test and evaluate it regularly in daily life, so that they can detect and control it in time when heart rate is abnormal. Keep your exercise and emotion reasonable in life, keep your heart rate within a healthy range, and give yourself a chance to live longer.