Frequently asked questions

How to turn on/off device?

Device has no button. When it’s connected to App, it’s working. When disconnected, it goes standby( very low power consumption).

Can I use Airplane Mode during sleep?

Yes. Please turn on Bluetooth if you would like to connect device.

How to confirm if the device is connected?

The green LED is on when device is connected.

How to check device battery?

When the device is connected, in dashboard you can check device battery.

What should I do if App can not connect device?

  1. Make sure Phone Bluetooth is on;
  2. Charge device, when fully charged, LED goes off, unplug the charging cable;

Can I adjust the Smart Vibration?

Yes, in App->settings, you can adjust vibration intensity and time threshold. When a snoring session is longer than the preset Time Threshold, the vibration will be triggered. If the vibration disturbs your sleep too much, you can increase the Threshold. If you would like to reduce snoring more, you can decrease the Threshold.

Does environment noise affect analysis and vibration?

The AI based analysis can recognize snore in most conditions. However, some specific noise may cause

Inaccurate analysis. Since vibration can only triggered when the Time Threshold is met, noise hardly trigger vibration.

Generally speaking, avoid noise as possible as you can.

When I buy or replace a new device, how to connect?

If your old device is still working, put the old device in charging state (Bluetooth goes off during charging).

In App->settings, tap on “Forget This Device”, then reset app to search new device,then tap on "Add a new device"